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What to cook NOW?

Special Fork delivers yummy answers to your smartphone. All recipes, screened by our food editors, take just 30 minutes or less in prep time. Save recipes to cook now or later using our organized recipe box. Make grocery shopping lists. Be inspired by our daily blogs, written by top food talent. Get tips to help you select the best ingredients while you shop. Special Fork works on any smartphone, including the iPhone, Blackberry or Android-based phones, and on the iPad.

The Story of Special Fork

When he liked the evening’s meal, Chris, a child of few words, began a quiet ritual of leaving the table, going to the kitchen and swapping his dinner fork for the one mismatched fork in the utensil drawer.

This fork was plain and quite ordinary, but it came to be called, “Special Fork,” by the family because it signified a special meal. The appearance of Special Fork at the dinner table was the ultimate compliment to mom or dad, whoever rushed home from work first, and managed to cook the meal that night.

Chris continued to express his approval through Special Fork from age six or seven until he went off to college, and to this day, Special Fork has been lovingly kept by Chris, tucked in a box with his boyhood treasures.

Chris is the son of Special Fork co-founder Sandy Hu and the brother of co-founder and CEO David Hu. Special Fork is dedicated to helping everyday consumers who are facing the same daunting dinner challenges these many decades later, to make Special Fork meals, every night.

Key Features of Special Fork's Mobile Site

  • Designed for your every day cooking needs – All recipes take no more than 30 minutes of preparation time.
  • Professionally developed and screened recipes – Every single recipe is screen by our Food Editors, mostly former national magazine and newspaper food editors, who understand food and everyday consumer needs.
  • Set your preferences – (Don’t eat shellfish? Cooking newbie? Cooking for a family or as a single?) Get only the recipes that are right for YOU!
  • Selection and storage information – Learn to shop for the best-quality ingredients. Our selection and storage information for fruits, vegetables and meats is built right into your shopping list for easy reference. Click on an ingredient link in the shopping list, follow it and you’ll never have to wonder how to pick a ripe avocado or how to select the perfect peach. 
  • Save recipes for later – Your recipe box has two separate “files,” one for recipes you’ve already cooked (your go-to recipes) and one for recipes you’d like to make in the future. Our innovative recipe search will scan your preferred recipes first for tailored search results.
  • Shopping list – Organize your shopping list alphabetically by ingredient, grouped by standard grocery aisles or by arranged by recipe; if you do the cooking but not the shopping, easily email your list to your grocery shopper.
  • Share your favorite recipes – Tweet what you’re cooking to share recipes with friends or post your faves to Facebook.
  • Search by multiple parameters – Search by meal type, ethnic inspiration, occasion, or tell us what’s on hand to get recipes to clean out your fridge.