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Easy Candy – All you need is a Microwave

By Sandy Hu

Do you use your microwave oven just for heating coffee and leftovers? Today, we’ll show you how to melt chocolate and toast nuts. Then we’ll make really simple, yummy confections, great for snacking, serving guests, or to give as gifts.

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Halloween Candy…Yum!!

By Lori Powell

After the autumn leaves comes the arrival of our spookiest of holidays, Halloween. I am ready for it this year with three bags of candy and I will be taking part of my neighborhood ghost walk. Since my town dates back to the 1600s there is a ton of history here and, well, some residents just have never left…spooky!

I am always hopeful that we will have a bunch of trick-or-treaters and I am always surprised the next day by how much candy didn’t get gobbled up.

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Homemade Peanut Butter Cups are Wickedly Good 

By Katie Barreira

As a child, it was difficult to imagine anything more awesome than holding up adults for candy while in disguise. But I was lucky enough to have a pair of fairy god neighbors who sweetened the Halloween jackpot. More hair raising than the Pinsky’s haunted garage, more engrossing than Mrs. Feldman’s eyeball punch, the enchanted Victorian at 14 Ferncroft Road promised a special and, to my parents dismay, sizeable confection meant just for me.

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Squeeze It!

By Katie Barreira

Try these recipes, tips and tricks for putting a squeeze bottle to good use. You’ll never look at a ketchup container the same way again.

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