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Entries in Chef Andrew Hunter (2)


Grilled Peach Sundaes

By Andrew Hunter

If the true test of food is how it stands the test of time, then Chef Auguste Escoffier’s Peach Melba is iconic. Still on fine dining menus around the world, Peach Melba is actually a simple combination of fruit and ice cream.

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Chinese Scallion Pancakes –One of My Favorite Things 

By Andrew Hunter

Chinese scallion pancakes are one of my favorite things on earth to eat. If given an ultimatum, I would give up potatoes, rice and yes, even traditional bread in favor of my beloved pancakes. I love them so much that last night I made them for dinner and woke up early to eat the leftovers before Benny got up. Imagine, stealing food from my own child… yes, they’re that good.

They’re like Chinese quesadillas, but instead of cheese and beans, they’re filled with ginger, garlic, sesame seeds and lots of green onions. If I’m really ambitious, I’ll stuff them with sticky slivers of hoisin-glazed short ribs and top that with a tall pile of cilantro, fried ginger threads and even more green onions. The boys eat them by the stack too, and don’t even realize they’re loaded with garlic.

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