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Easy Fish Tacos to Celebrate Summer

By Jess Ziman

I remember perusing the farmers’ market eight months ago and wistfully bidding farewell to my favorite summer produce. There are seasonal gems all year round, but without a doubt summer is the most vivacious. I was so happy to go to the farmers’ market last week and take in the renewed abundance of color and variety – fresh tomatoes, asparagus, cherries and lovely golden peaches!

To me, these tilapia tacos with peach, corn, and black bean salsa are the perfect way to welcome the season. Nothing says summer quite like a lovely ripe peach and fish tacos instantly making me feel like a sun-kissed surfer. Not only are the tacos a refreshing, yet surprisingly filling meal, but they are quick to make so you won’t have to be indoors too long, missing the sunshine.

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A Look at Special Fork’s New Office

By Sandy Hu

We’ve been laboring hard, getting Special Fork off the ground. And this summer, we renovated our old kitchen to make a real office for Special Fork.

Until then, we had two kitchens: our remodeled one where you see us doing food demos for Special Fork’s Video Fridays and our old kitchen, which was still functional. We removed the appliances, chipped out the wall tile and refinished the floor. It was an exciting process.

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Something Sweet for the Table

By Marilyn Hunter

Serving a little something sweet on the dinner table is an unspoken rule in the South. Even before dessert, we enjoy the combination of savory meats and sweet fruits, and we love making compotes with fruits of the season. It’s so simple and fast to make a compote – it can be done before the pork is out of the oven or off the grill.

Ben is now old enough and tall enough to stir pots on the stove, including stirring to make this compote, as a way of helping prepare dinner. But he learned a valuable lesson not long ago: that melted sugar syrup is hotter than hot water and sticks to your finger if you “take a dip.”

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Grilled Peach Sundaes

By Andrew Hunter

If the true test of food is how it stands the test of time, then Chef Auguste Escoffier’s Peach Melba is iconic. Still on fine dining menus around the world, Peach Melba is actually a simple combination of fruit and ice cream.

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Make this Easy Summer Fruit Shortcake for Father’s Day

By Sandy Hu

Steve is the best breakfast maker. Flaky sky-high biscuits, tender muffins, Belgian waffles, popovers, Dutch babies – he’s a master of them all. Since there’s no way to top his skill, for Father’s Day, I tend to resort to the same celebratory breakfast: simple scones with a make-ahead dough that can be shaped and frozen, so all I have to do is pop them in the oven on his big day.

As Dave and I were planning a Father’s Day menu, I thought about changing it up this year and giving those scones a new identity, as shortcakes with summer fruit and whipped cream. I’ve made and shaped my dough this weekend and the discs are in the freezer. On Sunday, we just need to bake them off, split the scone/shortcakes and fill them with fruit and whipped cream. We’ll just bake enough for the four of us so we won’t be tempted to eat more dessert than we should, and we’ll have the remainder in reserve for another time when we come home with a bounty of fruit from the farmers’ market.

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