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Entries in Nutella (2)


Nutella Fondue

By Andrew Hunter
For The Family Table, a blog for busy families

Fondue was one of the special dinners I had growing up. I don’t remember what kind of an occasion prompted my folks to pull out the fondue pot, but it was fairly often. The first pot I remember actually used little cans of Sterno to heat the broth.

But then a new avocado green electric version showed up, evidently meaning the Hunter family had “made it!” My mom would heat broth, and sometimes oil, in the pot and surround it with meat and vegetables for cooking. But for truly special occasions, she would make rarebit (melted beer cheese with toasted bread) from her well-loved James Beard cookbook.

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We Eat with our Eyes

By Andrew Hunter

I know in a split second if my boys are going to eat what’s on their plates or not. That’s because they judge whether they like something by the way it looks. Chefs like to say, “we eat with our eyes,” because we know the way a plate looks to a guest is as important as the way it tastes.

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