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Time for Squash Blossoms – Three Easy Uses for Edible Flowers

By Katie Barreira

Zucchini, yellow crooknecks, pattypans…the coming season promises a deluge of thin-skinned gourds. But before the onslaught of summer squash there are squash blossoms, the flowering buds of a squash vine.

These delicate blossoms are entirely edible and usually seen on restaurants’ seasonal menus. Like Jean Georges’s fabled “Peekytoe Crab and Squash Blossom Beignet,” a simple crab salad stuffed into squash blossoms, coated in tempura batter and fried. But the flowers don’t require such flourish.

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We Eat with our Eyes

By Andrew Hunter

I know in a split second if my boys are going to eat what’s on their plates or not. That’s because they judge whether they like something by the way it looks. Chefs like to say, “we eat with our eyes,” because we know the way a plate looks to a guest is as important as the way it tastes.

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