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Entries in cream cheese (2)


Crab Cheese Fondue Comes out of the Closet 

By Sandy Hu

I have a secret. My always-popular holiday dip is made with products I’d like to keep hidden from my guests. I’ve been known to hurriedly shove the containers in the trash as that first doorbell rings.

It’s not that there’s anything really wrong with the ingredients. It’s just that people have high expectations. Freshly grated Cheddar…fresh-caught crab? Nope.

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Strawberry French Toast - Yum!

By David Hu

French toast is a simple way to make plain bread exciting – add some strawberries and it becomes even more special. Today’s video is a Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast. While the peak strawberry season is between April and June, half of the California strawberry crop is harvested after June 1, so this is a dish you can make pretty much year round. It’s an easy recipe for breakfast but if you’re in the mood for something simple and sweet at night, this fits the bill to a “T.”

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