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Breakfast for Dinner

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By Lori Powell
For One or Two Bites, a blog for singles and couples

I love breakfast but I don’t always get to enjoy it until the weekend. I mean the hungry man’s breakfast, such as eggs or pancakes or hash browns. So during the week, when I’m just about spent at the end of the day, I cook up what would be a Sunday kind of breakfast for dinner that takes less time than ordering takeout.

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Homemade Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich

By Lori Powell
For One or Two Bites, a blog for singles and couples

I love to make and eat breakfast on the weekends…especially cold, wintery ones that cause me to linger in bed for an extra hour or two.

My chickens are still producing quite a lot of eggs this winter (usually they slow down this time of year) so fresh eggs are always in abundance. Also uncured Applegate Farms Organic bacon is a mainstay in my fridge or freezer.

This past weekend, I thought, why not change things up a bit – well, just a little – and make a bacon egg and cheese sandwich with homemade biscuits that are a touch healthier? I swapped out half of the all-purpose white flour with whole wheat and replaced some of the butter with buttermilk. To my surprise, the result was a flaky, crumbly, better-for-you biscuit!

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Crepes – it’s Easier than you Think!

By David Hu

I love bacon and eggs for a weekend breakfast but sometimes I like to change it up. Crepes are one of my favorite standbys – they’re quick and easy to make, and just a little special. I like my crepes with apricot or strawberry jam. But don’t forget Nutella or bananas and sugar.

If you have extra crepes, just put them in a plastic bag and refrigerate; they’ll keep for a few days. Reheat them in a warm pan or zap them for a few seconds in a microwave oven. For longer storage, stack crepes between wax paper squares to keep them from sticking together, wrap airtight and freeze. They thaw quickly at room temperature.

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Hot Breakfast in a Hurry

By David Hu

Growing up, both my parents worked outside the home. But despite their busy schedules, they always found time to make a home-cooked meal for breakfast and dinner. For breakfast I especially remember pancakes, muffins, waffles, French toast and sunny side up eggs and rice with Portuguese sausage (a Hawaiian favorite).

As I get older, weekday breakfasts have become much less elaborate but I do try to make an effort. I’ve found two keys for weekday breakfast success: either make-ahead breakfasts like granola, or recipes with very few ingredients like breakfast burritos or healthy smoothies.

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Pancakes – Because Breakfast Should be more than Eggs

By Sandy Hu

Okay, I confess. Steve started making breakfast for the kids when they were growing up because he thought they should have more than eggs.

I love eggs and they’re my idea of breakfast –scrambled, sunny-side up, boiled, omelets or in the hole. Steve’s is pancakes, waffles, biscuits, popovers and muffins. Who do you think won out? The kids and I chose his, of course. And I blissfully relinquished breakfast-making duties to him.

Never one to let a recipe alone, Steve would improvise, experiment, research, try other versions of the recipe, until he created one to his satisfaction. And on weekday and weekend mornings, we would wake up to delicious smells from the kitchen of something freshly prepared, waiting for us at the breakfast table.

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