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Jen’s Cinco de Mayo Kentucky Derby Celebration 

By Andrew Hunter

A few weeks back my cousin, Jenifer, posed a challenge: “Cinco de Mayo AND Derby Day on the same day?!? Might I, politely request, Andrew, that you post a few menu suggestions and recipes on Special Fork? Keep in mind, we don’t expect to be 100% sober on this magical day that honors both margaritas and mint juleps. :)”

So Jen, this one’s for you. No confusion or crazy fusion, just accommodation of both celebrations, side by side. Here are two of my favorite drinks and dips for your table this Saturday. Spiced Margaritas served with chips and Pineapple Pico de Gallo, and Mint Juleps served with Benedictine, crackers and crudités.

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Raising the Ice Bar

By Karie Barreira

While my cravings for winter ice cream may be a bit unconventional, it’s clear I’m not the only one who likes to embrace the cold weather. Seasonal watering holes have been popping up all over the country; like Igloo Bar, a temporal Eskimo den situated rinkside at Rockefeller Center and serving “ice melter” cocktails to skaters and spectators.

On a recent visit to Toronto, Canada, I visited the Drake Hotel’s “climate-defiant” rooftop bar, complete with live campfire and cozy blankets to snuggle while sipping your Scorched Marshmallow and Frangelico Hot Chocolate.

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