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Steamed Asparagus and Dips

By Lori Powell
For One or Two Bites, a blog for singles and couples

A little late this year, local asparagus is just showing up. You can find them at the farmers’ market upstate in many sizes; from super-thin, wispy stalks to medium ones.

I used to believe that the thinner the stalk, the sweeter, but I have come to see differently…as long as the stalks are fresh and not withered (shriveling), the ends are not dry or the heads/tips are still tight and not frayed… it’s simply all about the cooking.

I have written about this delicious spring veggie in prior posts but feel it needs to be repeated or at least presented again. You see, I grew up with the canned variety, which is in a whole different class than the fresh. And by that, I mean the canned one simply cannot compete.

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An Easy Dip for Snacks or Sandwiches

By Sandy Hu

You can never have too many dip recipes. Dips are easy to make and they’re a lifesaver when you have unexpected company.

I love dips as part of a cocktail buffet. They fill up the spaces between the more complicated appetizers and make your table seem more bountiful.

This White Bean Dip with Pistachio and Cilantro has bright, fresh-tasting flavors. It uses cilantro and coriander seeds, which are the fresh leaves and the seeds of the same plant. If you don’t like that taste, substitute fresh mint and skip the coriander seeds.

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Jen’s Cinco de Mayo Kentucky Derby Celebration 

By Andrew Hunter

A few weeks back my cousin, Jenifer, posed a challenge: “Cinco de Mayo AND Derby Day on the same day?!? Might I, politely request, Andrew, that you post a few menu suggestions and recipes on Special Fork? Keep in mind, we don’t expect to be 100% sober on this magical day that honors both margaritas and mint juleps. :)”

So Jen, this one’s for you. No confusion or crazy fusion, just accommodation of both celebrations, side by side. Here are two of my favorite drinks and dips for your table this Saturday. Spiced Margaritas served with chips and Pineapple Pico de Gallo, and Mint Juleps served with Benedictine, crackers and crudités.

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