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Entries in barbecue (4)


Great Steak!

By Sandy Hu

Sometimes, I just crave a great steak. And lucky for me, my husband Steve is a great steak griller.

Steak is our go-to instant meal, since it requires no prep (unless you’re using a less-tender cut and need to marinate it) and no dirty pots or pans. We fire up the grill, put the meat on and dinner’s on the table in no time.

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Labor Day Checklist: Get Gift; Make Food

By Sandy Hu

I haven’t decided on my Labor Day menu yet, but I’m more stressed about getting my Labor Day gift.

I know – not even unions give gifts on Labor Day.

Our gift-giving tradition started with Disney’s Flight of the Bumblebee. While shopping at the mall one summer, Dave and I spotted the videotape on sale – just the one my younger son Chris had wanted but was unable to find!

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Barbecue, Hawaiian Style

By Sandy Hu

Hot day at the beach…seawater and sunscreen. The aromas of teriyaki sizzling sets mouths watering.

“Barbecue” in Hawaii means teriyaki, that wonderful, soy sauce and sugar combination that makes beef, chicken or pork succulent and delicious. Teriyaki is the signature flavor of the Islands, ubiquitous at lunch wagons, fast food eateries, white tablecloth restaurants and neighborhood block parties.

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One or Two Bites

By Lori Powell

I love to barbecue. Over the past 20 years I have pretty much grilled about anything, from whole turkeys to pizza and desserts.

The grills that I alternate between are two different-sized kettle grills and an oversized gas grill with rotisserie. It is a way to cook without too much fuss, time and cleanup. If you have a large gas grill, just heat one side when you’re not cooking for a crowd.

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