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Dine Out Early and Often

By Andrew Hunter

Since we’re in the restaurant business, it’s part of our job to eat at a variety of restaurants from the dives to the fancy ones, now and then. Regardless of where we go, the boys need to be well behaved. We believe every family needs a motto so ours is, “dine out early and often.” Early in life, early in the evening and at least once a week. It makes for happy, cooperative little diners along the way. And it makes dining out a pleasure for the entire family.

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Great Steak!

By Sandy Hu

Sometimes, I just crave a great steak. And lucky for me, my husband Steve is a great steak griller.

Steak is our go-to instant meal, since it requires no prep (unless you’re using a less-tender cut and need to marinate it) and no dirty pots or pans. We fire up the grill, put the meat on and dinner’s on the table in no time.

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Thanksgiving in July…Hmmmmm?!!

By Lori Powell

While most folks are taking long weekends at the beach or enjoying a leisurely summer vacation, I am in a hot kitchen with both of my ovens on high…making Thanksgiving dinner.

Unfortunately every year, a handful of clients ask for Thanksgiving recipe development and photography during the biggest heat wave of summer. You can predict this and schedule your vacation or poolside retreat by it…you just have to give me a shout and ask when my deadline is for this unseasonably and untimely development.

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One or Two Bites

By Lori Powell

There is a cut of beef that is so delicious and is becoming more available in national grocery stores that I need to share with you. Hanger steak is a boneless cut of beef that hangs between the rib and the short loin that is connected and supports the diaphragm.

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