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Oven-Finished Meat

By Katie Barreira

A very generous gift certificate sent me over to one of nyc’s finest meat purveyors. After helping me to select a prime cut of dry-aged porterhouse, the butcher asked, “you know what to do with this?” Well! It was nearly condescending enough to send me out the door, but I swallowed my chego (that’s chef-ego, a powerful brand of pride) and did what I always do, even when I think I know best: I asked the expert how he would prepare the steak. Passionate experts are always happy to offer knowledge about their goods; you’ll almost always learn something new, and if you don’t, you can quietly bask in the knowledge that you would have done it just like the pro.

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Steak and Potatoes – Order of the Day

By Lori Powell

Well, winter hasn’t lost her sense of humor, but I’m really not getting the joke. We are expecting somewhere between four to six inches of snow.

Plants are going back indoors and my shovel is at the ready but at least this time, I only have to deal with a very, very short driveway and a garage! Livin’ in High Cotton!

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An Anniversary Weekend in Healdsburg

By Sandy Hu

Take my advice. Don’t get married the day after Christmas.

Steve and I were living in New York City facing our second Christmas away from home and planning our wedding. So why not kill two birds – get married AND be home for Christmas in Hawaii?

Not so smart. Christmas was incredibly hectic that year and the annual residual fallout is that we’re too partied out after Christmas to celebrate our anniversary.

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Dine Out Early and Often

By Andrew Hunter

Since we’re in the restaurant business, it’s part of our job to eat at a variety of restaurants from the dives to the fancy ones, now and then. Regardless of where we go, the boys need to be well behaved. We believe every family needs a motto so ours is, “dine out early and often.” Early in life, early in the evening and at least once a week. It makes for happy, cooperative little diners along the way. And it makes dining out a pleasure for the entire family.

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Great Steak!

By Sandy Hu

Sometimes, I just crave a great steak. And lucky for me, my husband Steve is a great steak griller.

Steak is our go-to instant meal, since it requires no prep (unless you’re using a less-tender cut and need to marinate it) and no dirty pots or pans. We fire up the grill, put the meat on and dinner’s on the table in no time.

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