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An Easy Dip for Snacks or Sandwiches

By Sandy Hu

You can never have too many dip recipes. Dips are easy to make and they’re a lifesaver when you have unexpected company.

I love dips as part of a cocktail buffet. They fill up the spaces between the more complicated appetizers and make your table seem more bountiful.

This White Bean Dip with Pistachio and Cilantro has bright, fresh-tasting flavors. It uses cilantro and coriander seeds, which are the fresh leaves and the seeds of the same plant. If you don’t like that taste, substitute fresh mint and skip the coriander seeds.

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Grilled Potato Salad: An Easy and Versatile Summer Side

By Katie Barreira

Potato salad is an iconic summer side dish that rounds out any picnic plate. Whether you crave buttery Yukon Golds coated with creamy mayo or delicate baby reds tossed in a light and tangy vinaigrette, there’s a potato salad for you.

But why boil water for spuds if you’re going to fire up the grill for your main dish? Keep it cool in the kitchen. Just slice potatoes into grill-friendly planks, brush with oil and set directly onto the hot grates next to your burgers, dogs or tofu pups.

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Rite of Spring

By Marilyn Hunter

Nowruz, or Persian New Year, is a celebration of spring and has taken place on the last Tuesday of every winter for centuries. Nowruz means “new day” and is symbolic of rebirth and renewal.

Last week we celebrated Nowruz at the home of our dear friends, the Zomorodis. Our gracious host, Minou, was there to welcome family and friends to the year’s most extravagant party. The festivities were in full swing by 7 o’clock and went late into the night with a very elegant spread of delicious food, Persian music, dancing and gold coins for the children.

The buffet tables, our favorite part, were overflowing with the bounty of spring. Traditional Nowruz foods, such as Sabzi Polo Mahi, fish served with special rice mixed with loads of fresh herbs, were piled abundantly on long silver platters. This rice is the perfect dish to capture the spirit of such a very special occasion. It represents the greenness of nature at spring.

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All-American Favorites for the Fourth of July

By Sandy Hu

I love a good barbecue for the Fourth of July. But this year, we are settling into our Special Fork office and will be busy making Ikea runs, setting up our food reference library and getting our new digs in shape. We can hardly wait!

Despite the workload, we’ll still be grilling in honor of the holiday, and if weather permits, enjoying our meals on the deck as we take a break from moving boxes and sorting papers.

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