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Deviled Eggs for Breakfast

By Marilyn Hunter

Nicky has always loved hard-boiled eggs or “boilers” as we call them in our house. His favorite part is the bright yellow yolk, while Benny eats all the white and leaves the “yellow” for his brother. In a never-ending quest to sleep just a little later in the morning, I decided to start deviling boilers at night, so breakfast is now both a novelty and a snap.

Sometimes well-laid plans come together…deviled eggs are the boys’ new favorite breakfast. Two deviled eggs (one whole egg) are plenty for each kid, along with their regular serving of fruit and ice water.

This method for hard-boiling the eggs belongs to Andrew. He’s done it this way for years and swears that 12 minutes will yield a runny yolk and 14 minutes will create the unwanted gray line around the yolk. He swears that 13 minutes is pure perfection. Being married to a chef makes for odd kitchen debates.

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All-American Favorites for the Fourth of July

By Sandy Hu

I love a good barbecue for the Fourth of July. But this year, we are settling into our Special Fork office and will be busy making Ikea runs, setting up our food reference library and getting our new digs in shape. We can hardly wait!

Despite the workload, we’ll still be grilling in honor of the holiday, and if weather permits, enjoying our meals on the deck as we take a break from moving boxes and sorting papers.

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Easy Appetizers for Brides and Valentines

By Sandy Hu

My friend Molly was married in Chicago a week ago Saturday, and by all accounts, she was an exquisitely beautiful, radiant bride who planned a flawless wedding. Molly and John were honeymooning in the Napa Valley so they stopped by to say hello on their way back to SFO, where they would catch a plane home the next day.

I wanted to create a festive get-together for the four of us, with sparkling wine and a few nibbles to celebrate. But since Friday was a work day, it had to be simple.

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Try This Easy Party Appetizer

It’s always useful to have a great, fool-proof party hors d’oeuvre recipe, especially at this time of the year.. But it can be daunting to find something that can feed many, doesn’t take all day to make and won’t break the bank. We’ve got the perfect dish – Curry Chutney Deviled Eggs. The curry and chutney add big flavor so these eggs are sure to be a hit at the party!

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Hard Boiled

By Lori Powell

At this time of the year, I begin to run out of options on what to do with my larder of multiplying eggs from 16 heirloom chickens. Chickens, like a lot of people, respond better to sunlight and are rather productive during the long days of summer. As the days grow shorter, my supply begins to diminish.

I try to keep up with the incoming eggs by making them outgoing. I use various cooking techniques or just give them away to anyone who has done me the slightest good deed or favor. Actually, it’s pretty handy, like the virtual gift closet (yes, like Martha I do have one of those as well) but perishable and possibly a little more personal and homey.

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