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Entries in what to cook with chicken (2)


Quick Take - Chicken Noodle Soup

By Lori Powell

Sooo…I’m sitting here once again in the kitchen, writing to you all, waiting for the next layer of ice to form outside. Yes, yet another storm and you all know what I’m talking about since it’s covering half the U.S.

I slipped and slid my way down what I have now learned is not 1/3 of a mile but a ½-mile driveway. It may not seem like much of a difference but when you are skidding on ice, it might as well be another 100 miles down the road.

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A Simple Korean-inspired Stir-fry

By David Hu

Korean food is getting to be all the rage, with food trucks like Kogi in Los Angeles. Today’s video recipe is a simple, one-pot Korean-inspired dish: Korean Sti-Fry Chicken.

When cooking the chicken, be sure your pan and oil are hot. Don’t crowd the pad or the chicken will steam instead of fry -- cook in two batches if your pan isn’t large enough. And let the chicken sear on one side before tossing, to keep chicken from sticking to the pan.

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