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Riffing on a Wrap

By Sandy Hu

Some years ago, Steve’s friend Shadi introduced us to the shawarma, an Arab wrap sandwich of grilled meat. It’s one of our go-to takeout meals. We always order lamb and we get it with eggplant and potatoes.

Steve liked the idea of grilled lamb and veggies in a wrap so much, he decided to riff on the concept to see if he could come up with something fun to barbecue this year. His experimentation was such a huge hit with our family, I thought I’d share his recipe with you.

The instructions may look long, but they’re really simple. 1) Grill some meat. Steve grilled a bone-in leg of lamb; no reason it couldn’t be boneless or another cut of meat. 2) Grill some vegetables. 3) Make a sauce. Steve just stirred a bit of canned harissa into yogurt. 4) Wrap everything up in a lavash, a soft, thin flatbread. 5) Grill the wraps.

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Childhood Ambition

By Andrew Hunter

When I was a child, I loved to scramble eggs. My family said my eggs were the best they ever had. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always a high-pitched, “Chef!” And while I rebelled against that certainty for a short stint in my 20’s, my destiny was set early in life.

So it was no surprise to anyone when my cousin Chipper and I, at the ripe old age of 10, decided to open a restaurant called “Andrewshka’s.” We would only serve potatoes… in all their glorious fried forms. I still remember standing together in the backyard by my dad’s grill shaking hands on our business venture.

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Easy onion prep tips

By Craig Deppe

There is, arguably, no more ubiquitous or frustrating ingredient in all of savory cuisine than the onion. (We must not forget garlic, but that is a story for another day.)

Every cook knows that the never-ending demand for onions can bring one to tears…Yes, I said it.

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A Labor Day Ballpark Picnic

By Marilyn Hunter

Labor Day is the last official summer celebration, signaling that the dog days are nearing an end. While the weather will remain warm for weeks to come, afternoons playing baseball in the park will soon give way to more indoor-centric activities. So follows cooking.

But the Hunters aren’t battening down the hatches just yet. Instead we want to tell you about a fun and easy picnic for Labor Day that the whole family will enjoy—a gourmet ballpark picnic.

No all-American celebration is complete without hot dogs, coleslaw and potato salad, and if your kids are like ours, they’ll be pleased as punch with the menu.

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