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Easy onion prep tips

By Craig Deppe

There is, arguably, no more ubiquitous or frustrating ingredient in all of savory cuisine than the onion. (We must not forget garlic, but that is a story for another day.)

Every cook knows that the never-ending demand for onions can bring one to tears…Yes, I said it.

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So Stylish

By Lori Powell

If you ever see me in the grocery store I am the one who looks like I am having an OCD moment, picking through the produce aisle to find that one perfect-looking apple or trying to find that pear with personality.

Yes, that is what I get paid for and being slightly OCD or a perfectionist is actually a prerequisite and desirable in my occupation as a food stylist. No kidding!

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All About Salt

By Katie Barreira

It wasn’t until I started working in kitchens that I solved a nagging childhood mystery - why did a simple salad taste so much better in restaurants than at home? As it turns out, there was no sleight of hand, but there was a little bit of magic, and the secret ingredient was salt.

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