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Entries in what to make with kale (3)


Pasta – My Mood-Altering Meal

By Lori Powell

Oscar night! So excited, especially since I have been without a TV for weeks now. Soooo thought I would splurge and buy a new one. Big mistake.

After listening to the techie guys for about 1 ½ hours I thought I had made a wise choice…no go! The picture was horrible, no matter what I tried to do to correct the color, tint and sharpness. It had all of the latest stuff of what makes a great picture nowadays, or so I was told.

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Kale: Mother Nature’s Flu Shot

By Katie Barreira

It’s mid-February. The holidays have finally wrapped and daylight is stretching past 4 p.m. It sure feels like it’s time for spring, but don’t be fooled by Persephone’s wily ways. There’s still a month of winter to come. Combat the last leg of cold and flu season and fortify your diet with kale, a seasonal superfood that’s as versatile as it is healthy.

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Kale – Delicious and Healthy

By Lori Powell

Not sure if Kale is on your hit list, but it should be! This cruciferous dark veggie is one of the healthiest around; so delicious, smoky and with such an appealing texture, you should try it if you haven’t already.

Forget how good it tastes – it has so many health perks that you can’t lose by consuming it. Kale has anti-cancer health benefits and cholesterol-lowering properties, to name a few.

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